About Us

Since 1995 our clients have benefited from our providing them with exceptional service, a wide ranging inventory, and a fair price. Our reputation hinges on our ability to serve the most discerning and exacting buyers in the jewelry industry. Whether your order is big or small, around the corner or around the world, simple or complex, we will meet your needs with the same dedication and eye towards value. As an AGS registered supplier, we have worked with leading and innovative retailers, designers, and manufacturers.

We carry a variety of shapes, sizes, and qualities of diamonds, including fancy colors. We are particularly strong in -2, stars, melee and diamonds 1.00 carat and under. If you are in need of certified or non-certified stones 1.00 carat and over please ask what we have available to fit your specific needs. Our custom order department specializes in matching sets and matched pairs of rounds or fancies. In addition, our expert craftsmen are available to finish your pieces in a timely fashion and with quality workmanship.